Jenny Famularcano

Live workshops

My goal is to help people spark creativity by learning new ways of seeing and creating letterforms.

Full of step-by-step guidance, these workshops explore

  • Intro to Calligraphy
  • Developing Copperplate & Scripts
  • Blackletter Calligraphy with Popsicle Sticks
  • Intro to Type Design
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Meet Jenny

Jenny Famularcano is sitting at a table in her Orange County, California home as she paints.
Jenny Famularcano in a hat she weaved herself. Inspired by the Chinese Weimao (帷帽) meaning 'veiled hat or curtained hat'. She's wearing a robe that she often wears to art and music festivals.

Jenny Famularcano is a cloud-loving artist, educator, and designer. She has a passion for helping businesses and individuals communicate their purpose with the art of lettering.

Starting from a traditional calligraphy practice to receiving a certificate in type design and teaching typography to emerging designers, Jenny finds joy in creating beautiful and legible letterforms.

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Jenny Famularcano is an artist with a background in traditional calligraphy. She is standing in front of many pages of uppercase calligraphy.