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Social Distancing Tools

Jenny Famularcano
March 30, 2020

In the past few weeks, it's been insane. I've collected a bunch of tools our friends and work communities have been sharing to get us through this time.

Art & Creativity

Children's book authors are hosting a virtual storytime

10 University Art Classes You Can Take for Free Online

12 Famous Museums Virtual Tours

Free Drawing Classes from famous illustrators


Zoom is the most popular tool for streaming. It's free, but in order to host meetings with more than 2 people longer than 40 minutes, you're going to need a paid plan.


Remote Working: Setting Yourself and Your Teams for Success

Eayikes: through a series of Zoom hangouts, hosting regular programming throughout the weekend

insidelands2020: is creating premium content through Zoom daily from 7-9pm.

Fitness & Dance

Free Online Workouts (Spreadsheet)

One Down Dog

Peloton: Free for 90 days Online Dance Studio is offering one free class a day 30 days of free yoga 1 free class a day for 30 days. It started yesterday. Really good stretches and great teachers.


LA Restaurants temporarily flipping to corner stores


Catan: catanuniverse


Tabletop Simulator

Music & Entertainment

JQBX(pronounced Jukebox): Create a room and share your spotify music to be listened to in realtime with others.

Netflix Party Chrome Extension

NPR List of Streaming Concerts

Eayikes Channel: Live DJ Sets

The Isolation Check-In


Bureau of Land Management to waive entrance fees at recreation sites

Live cams of wildlife and in rescue sanctuaries

Virtual POV videos of Disney attractions


RZA's guided meditation

If you have some amazing tools or resources you'd like to see added to this list, feel free to email me at hi or message me on Instagram @skybluejenny

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