Designing your personal knowledge cloud

The 3 step framework to an efficient creative workflow

Even if you struggle with finding time to organize, aren't creating consistently, or have an existing system.

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  • My signature step-by-step method on how to design a personal knowledge cloud you'll actually use for your creative career.
  • A complete breakdown on how I manage to maintain my personal cloud even when balancing multiple responsibilities.
  • The biggest mistakes most creatives make when "trying" to organize information and files around their projects.
  • Why and HOW my strategy on breaking down the creative process has helped my clients communicate with their teams in confidence without needing to "feel" inspired all the time.
Marya N.
Squarespace Web Designer

Pivoting careers in the midst of the pandemic had been a quiet struggle. Jenny helped me find clarity around my own organization and flow as a creative. Her guidance, knowledge, and patience has helped me confidently position myself as a professional.

Before joining Creative Work Flow, my organization efforts were good. I had an idea of my goals and how to break them down to actionable steps.

Imagine knowing you want to cook a great meal but not knowing where to get your specialty ingredients, which cookware to use, or the precise heat and timing to cook at.

Then, Jenny comes in and expertly guides you with patience and compassion on where to source the best ingredients, how to properly prep, cook, and present your meal and ALL in a sustainable way! Like that!

I struggled with clarity in my business. Clarity around the best way to be organized as an independent freelancer and clarity around building my creative process.

Being a part of Creative Work Flow helped me find clarity in a way that saves me time and energy, both of which will continue to save me money!

Jenny met me in my learning style and range too. I was learning through her video call chats, visual aids, and prompts to exercise concepts real-time with her.

Like many of the rewarding things in life, it takes a leap of courage and faith that an investment in yourself is one that bears fruit tenfold.

Jenny’s program and thoughtful consideration on where you are in your creative journey will guide you to taking your creative work to the next level — or if you’re like me, getting you started off on the right foot toward confident success.

Annie W.
Mixed Media Artist and Storyteller

For a creative professional like myself, it can be a challenge trying to wrangle together all the fun ideas and opportunities that exist for marketing your services on the internet. Most of the time, I only want to focus on the fun creation part, but I know in order to grow and not get overwhelmed, it helps to have an outside perspective on what I'm doing and making. Jenny's sessions gave me accountability and motivation to take another step towards my goals (even if they were just tiny steps!). I was so inspired by Jenny's knowledge of productivity software and how they help to create a well-run system for organizing ideas and tracking progress. Sure, I could probably have researched all the tools and systems myself, but I realistically don't have the time to! It's been such a pleasure to hop on calls with Jenny to get her feedback and suggestions on my specific creative content projects!

Ariana C.

I applaud Jenny for sharing her story and her Creative Work Flow tips. I sincerely think that if I haven't gone through the progress in order to become a more organized I wouldn't have been able to fully organize my work. I am a designer who has files kept in separated folders with in a documents folder on the main drive. However when it came to deliverable details, it always took some time to figure out results or next steps. Never knew that these small details hold additional time or value during the creative process. Hence, with finding a way to expand on details lead me to pursue more in depth results and steps to make the process more productive.

Don't wait.

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