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Organize your Creativity

Build a personal note-taking system so you can focus on more fulfilling work EVEN if you are juggling multiple side projects at the same time.

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Why and HOW my strategy on breaking down the creative process has helped my clients communicate with their clients and teams in confidence without needing to "feel" inspired all the time.

My signature step-by-step method on how to design a customized note-taking system you can actually use throughout your creative career.

A complete breakdown on how I maintain creative personal projects even when balancing multiple responsibilities, jobs, and work types.

The biggest mistakes most creatives make when "trying" to organize information and files around their projects.

She is very motivational and encouraging! Her unique take on work flow and organization within project deliverables helped progress become more efficient and productive.
Ariana C.
My workflow is like a well-oiled machine that works FOR ME, not against me!
Marya N.
Web Designer
Jenny's coaching and accountability style is very open and compassionate. She'll work with what you have and is wonderful about crafting the next achievable steps for you without judgment.
Annie N.
Mixed Media Artist and Storyteller
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