When You Think of Home

Our home is where we practice placing our trust in each other through our art.
Column Five
September 2020
When You Think of Home proceeds directly benefit Acres of Love, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing care, a family, and forever homes to orphans in South Africa. ‍ The creative project encourages artists around the world to illustrate the idea of “home,” inspired by their village, town, city, or state.
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I thought I would protect myself emotionally when I told myself to never date a creative person, but I've actually found that sharing a life with one has been an unexpectedly blissful experience. Within one of the most suburban cities in California, the two of us dream of wild ideas, discover new solutions, and try to have a consistent amount of fun.

Decorated with memorabilia and artifacts from the friends, family, and heroes who have helped strengthen our confidence in each of our unique traits, our home is where we can practice developing our art and placing our trust in each other.

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