Notion Chats for Creatives

Be a part of the conversation by joining Notion Chats for Creatives, our monthly online meetup where we come together to chat about all things Notion.  

It's a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and dive deeper into the world of Notion.

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Upcoming Notion Chats

See the Creative Ways to Use Notion

Notion is constantly adding new updates. I'll walk through what are some features that could be useful for people who want to manage creative projects.

We'll also have opportunities to discuss the creative ways we use Notion so you can decide how you'd like to organize tasks and ideas around your business.

Share What You've Been Building

During our monthly, 60-minute Notion chats, you’ll get to share something you’ve built in Notion that you’re super proud of, as well as see what other real people are using Notion for.

You’ll get to talk about your creative process and learn how to use Notion more effectively for your business or creative role.

Q&A and Troubleshooting

Our Notion chats are the perfect place to have your questions about using Notion answered.

You can troubleshoot any Notion-related issues and find solutions to any productivity roadblocks. Plus, you’ll get to learn from others on how they use Notion to get more done.

Hear from others

Testimonials from different creatives

"The event is just really good energy and you get the chance to chat with Jenny who is a wealth of knowledge and see real use cases for other workspaces."
Cienna N.
Graphic Designer, Freelance
"I thoroughly enjoyed Jenny's can-do, positive attitude and as always, I felt super clear about what we were going to talk about."
Marya N.
Owner, Yangu Web Studio
"I liked being able to see someone's Notion and seeing Jenny give feedback in real time. I liked being able to share our personal experiences and workflow with others and hearing feedback on what might or might not work."
Michelle D.
Virtual Assistant