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Coaching Client Database

I made this template because when I started working with coaching clients, I wanted to keep all of my notes and tasks together in one place so I can maximize the attention I gave to each of my clients.

Are you a coach, consultant, or business owner who needs an easy way to keep your clients organized?

Whether you're just starting or have been in the game for years, my Coaching Client Database Notion Template will give you the power to keep track of all your clients and their goals in one convenient place.

I use this starting point to help organize my clients and share with them important dates and responsibilities for each one.

Made by someone who knows firsthand the struggles of staying organized and giving each client enough attention, this template allows you to easily store and review client sessions, log tasks for follow-up meetings, and develop strategies specific to each client’s individual needs. With the ability to view everything from progress to contact information and notes in one place, you'll never miss a beat!

You can even customize it with features like project timelines and separate tabs for different topics related to various coaching sessions. Plus, with embedded comments in every page, collaboration between your clients has never been easier.

No matter what stage of life as a coach or entrepreneur you’re currently at, my Coaching Client Database Notion Template is here for you – when it comes to organization and workflow optimization, there’s nothing better!

Curious on how this template looks? Check out this video I created about it.