SmudgeGuard 6-Year Review vs Brand New

A SmudgeGuard is a glove table that protects your artwork on your paper or tablet, as well as your skin. I've had my SmudgeGuard for about six years, and it was a common tool I would dress up in whenever I would use my Wacom Cintiq Pro 24.

In the Southern California hot summers, I would end up sticking to my screen and ultimately it would be a pretty gross feeling.

Enter stage right, SmudgeGuard. I found it about 6 years ago and ordered one with the hopes of no longer getting all sticky.

Screenshot of my order from 2016.

It worked pretty well at keeping my experience on my Intuos and my Cintiq frictionless.

The first thing that happened from wear was a hole formed on my pinky knuckle. I have the 2-finger style glove, and it keeps my ring finger from catching too, but I apparently rested often on my pinky.

The second thing is that it stretched out SO much. I didn't notice how much bigger it got until I laid it side-by-side to my new glove.

Comparison with Brand New

Little seems to have changed on the way the website looks, so by today's standards it appears slightly outdated, but the purchasing functions the same, and I was able to get my new one.

One of my favorite things about the new SmudgeGuard is the selection of colors like Sweet Lavender, Rich Burgundy, Strong Blue, Modern Gray with the classic Cool Black. Of course I got the Strong Blue in Medium.

Something I noticed about receiving the new one is that it is a little tight, but I hope that it too will stretch to be a little more comfortable like my old one.

I think my old one would retire to be my pencil/art glove, and the blue one can be reserved for my Cintiq.

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