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Cirrus of Blue

When clients say you're TOO expensive

What do you say when a client says that your services are too expensive and that they'd rather use Fiverr, I'll show you how to communicate that you are a partner in their business.

In this post I answer, what are some things that I wish I knew before starting my first mural?

When you already know the tools for graphic design, how do you know which skills you need to focus on to get your next graphic design job?

Don't think anybody should be distancing. Emotionally distancing, your team should still be able to have fun, socialize and connect together without being physically together. And you can do that with some creative games and tips I will be sharing with you today.

How to manage design projects

I'll share with you some of the project management system I've built using notion.

Many of the local calligraphy classes may only be listed for 3-5 hours. There are a number of resources available to level-up your calligraphy education in practice in typography and I've listed some that are available.

First Round is a one-day showcase of original presentations made to clients showing initial design explorations for logo, identity, and branding projects. I attended the event in San Francisco where I started noticing patterns between many of the speakers. Here's a collection of 11 different ways Brand Designers and companies prepare for their first client presentation.