Personalized coaching for creatives

Creative Flow Academy

Design a personal knowledge system that helps you organize your digital life so you can create with more confidence in 90 days.

1:1 personalized coaching for creative professionals

This 90-day program will boost your confidence by streamlining your creative process. Together, we'll work on digital file organization, emails, and general posi-vibes to clarify your creative purpose.

Learn how to

Build and manage a personal knowledge system in Notion and other creative tools you already use.

Prioritize your responsibilities and goals across creative projects (client OR personal)

Identify and balance your needs with your client's and teammate's expectations

Effectively listen and communicate

Overcome anxiety, imposter syndrome, or any other crappy thoughts getting in your way

Here's how

We will

Develop a personalized, in-depth coaching roadmap tailored to your unique career needs

Engage in six, 90-minute private coaching sessions biweekly* over 3 months using Zoom

Clarify your creative purpose through your unique story

Build a scalable, personal knowledge system and use it to define a clear scope of your creative projects

Communicate your needs so you can focus on realizing your purpose through your creative work

*Biweekly here means every other week, so you have a chance to implement what we're learning in your existing projects.
there's more?!
In addition, you'll receive

Notion Templates including databases the Personal Knowledge Cloud, and other pages focused on project management, area management, and resource management to help you get you started

Six video modules and documents on Notion, graphic design, and productivity

Recordings and transcripts of all sessions available for you to download for lifetime access

Unlimited Slack message support

Unlimited feedback and audits on anything you decide on building in your Notion workspace

Creative Flow Academy is personalized 1:1 coaching for creative professionals who are seeking purpose and direction so they can communicate with clarity

The creative professional

  • who is currently working in a creative role and rely on other people for information and budget
  • with many competing passions that they’re not sure where they want to grow in
  • who wants to break away from self-doubt and empower themselves to accomplish their goals
  • who considers themselves an introvert and wants help learning how to communicate their creative ideas with others
  • who is decisive and is ready to take ownership of their creative career success right now

The hobbyist

  • who just wants to hang out and isn't interested in doing any of the work before and after the sessions
  • who has no goals for their creativity
  • who is waiting for something externally to inspire them all the time
  • who is waiting for someone they're working with to give them permission to have their dream creative career
A little about me

Hi, I'm Jenny!

Working as a Brand Designer at a content marketing agency, I was constantly juggling the assets for multiple projects and clients. I wanted to have control over what I needed so I can focus on my favorite part of projects: creation.
My coworkers and clients were the first to tell me that they noticed how much I loved my work. I started sharing what I know as a coach and became a Notion certified consultant so I can continue to share how I find flow in my work with my clients.
Today, I'm dedicated to helping creatives organize their ideas and work so they can communicate their purpose with consistent confidence.
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