1:1 personalized coaching for creative professionals

Creative Flow Academy 1.0

This 90-day program will boost your confidence by streamlining your creative process. We'll work on organization, communication, and general posi-vibes to clarify your creative purpose.

Program outcomes

You will learn how to

  • Create and manage a personal knowledge system in Notion and other creative tools you already use.
  • Prioritize your responsibilities and goals across creative projects (client OR personal)
  • Identify and balance your needs with your client's and teammate's expectations
  • Effectively listen and communicate
  • Overcome anxiety, imposter syndrome, or any other crappy thoughts getting in your way

How we're going to do it

We will 

  • Develop a personalized, in-depth coaching roadmap tailored to your unique career needs
  • Engage in six, 90 minute 1:1 private coaching sessions over 3 months using Zoom
  • Clarify your creative purpose through your unique story
  • Build a scalable, personal knowledge system and use it to define a clear scope of your creative projects
  • Communicate your needs so you can focus on realizing your purpose through your creative work

In addition, you'll receive

  • Notion Templates including databases the Personal Knowledge Cloud, and other pages focused on project management, area management, and resource management to help you get you started
  • Six video modules and documents on Notion, graphic design, and productivity
  • Recordings and transcripts of all sessions available for you to download for lifetime access
  • Unlimited Slack message support
  • Unlimited feedback and audits on anything you build on Notion

This is for the
creative professional:

  • who is currently working in a creative role and rely on other people for information and budget
  • with many competing passions that they’re not sure where they want to grow in
  • who wants to break away from self-doubt and empower themselves to accomplish their goals
  • who considers themselves an introvert and wants help learning how to communicate their creative ideas with others
  • who is decisive and is ready to take ownership of their creative career success right now

This is NOT for:

  • People who want to just hang out and aren’t interested in doing any of the work
  • People who have no goals for their creativity and are only creating as a hobby
  • People who are willing to wait forever to be inspired or for someone to grant them their dream creative career
A little more about me

Hi, I’m Jenny

I got BFA in Graphic Design from California State University, Long Beach in 2013.

I've worked as a designer at a digital content marketing agency after I graduated until 2021.

I teach typography, lettering, and calligraphy at universities like Laguna College of Art and Design and CSU Fullerton.

I help creative professionals seeking direction and purpose build a personal knowledge cloud so they can communicate with clarity.

It wasn't always like this..

But after working in a fast-paced creative work environment and witnessing first-hand how dementia can impact a person and their family, I wanted to create a system that I  could rely on regardless of where life took me.

That's why
I want to help you

I’m here to help you discover your personal strengths and help you make them shine in the work you create with others between ALL of your existing responsibilities.
Together, we’ll create a flexible knowledge system that is absolutely aligned with your unique story and values so you can effectively self-manage information with clarity.
Here's a little about my approach

How I help comes from my personal values


Learn about CFA from other creative professionals

These are all real people I've had the pleasure to work directly with and help in Creative Flow Academy.

*The coaching program was previously known as "Creative Work Flow" before rebranded as "Creative Flow Academy"

Robyn D.
Brand Designer

I have always struggled with organization as a designer/human. I've joked that my art boards were a chaotic nightmare for anyone who had to look at them. When Jenny launched her program, I was intrigued to learn more because I've always seen how thoughtful Jenny's approach to work has been and wanted to emulate that level of organizational zen (for myself and my team).

At first I was skeptical and resistant to Notion because I was a fan of Evernote but Jenny helped customize the systems to work with my preferred level of organization.

It truly felt like she dove into the core of my purpose as a designer and helped me narrow in my focus on what I wanted to accomplish and how I could get there. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to take a step back and re align their goals and build out an approach and system that will set them up for success.

Annie W.
Mixed Media Artist and Storyteller

For a creative professional like myself, it can be a challenge trying to wrangle together all the fun ideas and opportunities that exist for marketing your services on the internet.

Most of the time, I only want to focus on the fun creation part, but I know in order to grow and not get overwhelmed, it helps to have an outside perspective on what I'm doing and making.

Jenny's sessions gave me accountability and motivation to take another step towards my goals (even if they were just tiny steps!). I was so inspired by Jenny's knowledge of productivity software and how they help to create a well-run system for organizing ideas and tracking progress. Sure, I could probably have researched all the tools and systems myself, but I realistically don't have the time to! It's been such a pleasure to hop on calls with Jenny to get her feedback and suggestions on my specific creative content projects!

Marya N.
Squarespace Web Designer

Pivoting careers in the midst of the pandemic had been a quiet struggle. Jenny helped me find clarity around my own organization and flow as a creative. Her guidance, knowledge, and patience has helped me confidently position myself as a professional.

I struggled with clarity in my business. Clarity around the best way to be organized as an independent freelancer and clarity around building my creative process.

Being a part of Creative Work Flow* helped me find clarity in a way that saves me time and energy, both of which will continue to save me money!

Ariana C.

I applaud Jenny for sharing her story and her Creative Work Flow* tips. I sincerely think that if I haven't gone through the progress in order to become a more organized I wouldn't have been able to fully organize my work.

I am a designer who has files kept in separated folders with in a documents folder on the main drive. However when it came to deliverable details, it always took some time to figure out results or next steps.

Never knew that these small details hold additional time or value during the creative process. Hence, with finding a way to expand on details lead me to pursue more in depth results and steps to make the process more productive.

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