1:1 Notion Coaching Sessions

Answer questions regarding your Notion workspace, where we can dive into what you have already built and customize them for how you work.

Sessions prices range from $115-$275.
Discount pricing is available for students and for multi-session packages. Reach out for more details.

If you're a creative who wants to learn how to organize your tasks and ideas in 90 days, learn more about Creative Flow Academy.

30 Minutes

For returning clients who want to have a quick question answered or look at 1-2 issues in Notion.
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60 Minutes

For clients who want to questions answered around existing databases or page connections.
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90 Minutes

For new clients who want to start building complex workspaces from the ground up.
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Explore what's possible

If you want to unstuck your system in Notion and you're not sure where to get started, or if you're interested in purchasing multiple sessions for a discount, schedule a free Discovery Call using the link below.